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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tom Wolf wants to liberate LGBTQ folks in PA. We can help.

lgbt-pa-flagI love my new Governor. I am so glad I cast my vote for Tom Wolf. First, he starts to work on the death penalty and now he is working on civil rights for sexual minorities.

I feel like singing Dayenu and I am not Jewish. If Tom Wolf only rid us of the death penalty and created peace for LGBT, it would be enough.

As we sit around our feast day tables, we give thanks and we remember that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, TransGender and Queer folks are our Family, Friends and Colleagues and we love them.

Everything else Wolf might do is lagniappe. Way to go, Governor. What an excellent gift to all of us in Pennsylvania for Passover and Easter.

Now claim the gift, fellow Pennsylvanians, and sign the Governor's petition HERE.
PA-Gov: Wolf Denounces Indiana Bill, Calls for New Legislation
Governor Wolf is pushing for Pennsylvania to become a more inclusive place.In the wake of the controversy over Indiana’s anti-LGBT legislation, Wolf is asking the legislature to adopt a non-discrimination law in PA.
“I simply don’t understand what the Governor of Indiana was thinking when he signed a bill that allows discrimination against people based on who they love,” Wolf wrote in an email to his campaign subscribers. “It’s not only wrong on a human level, but also ill-advised for attracting businesses and creating jobs in today’s global economy.”
“But we have some work to do here in Pennsylvania as well,” the Governor continued. “Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is the only state in the Northeast that doesn’t prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression — and that needs to end.”

Listen to the Philadelphia Biblical University Institute of Jewish Studies class of 2000 music team beautifully perform the popular Passover song Dayenu. Happy Pesach! Happy Easter!