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Saturday, September 26, 2015

We Won't Have John Boehner to Kick Around Anymore

John Boehner has resigned. This post has musical accompaniment below.

Man is a stone drunk. How can you tell? John the Roofer said "Drunks don't cry; they vomit through their eyeballs." It is always crying time for the Boner. I know from personal experience that drunks do not see well. That is why John cannot tell when he looks in the mirror that he is bright orange.

I say it is time to regularly and randomly drug test Congress. Start with Steve 'Cantaloupe Calves' King. I will add a link to a White House petition to drug test Congress maybe. I don't know why I persist. I never get more than a hundred signatures.

Do these assholes in Congress think we cannot tell an addict or a whackjob when we see one?

Here is what Sydney Blumenthal thinks below. I am glad somebody in the Red White & Blue Bubble is thinking.

Who did not know Boehner was a drunk? The USA is like a big dysfunctional alcoholic family. Nobody talks about the drunken Elephant in the room.

"Boehner is despised by the younger, more conservative members of the House Republican Conference. They are repelled by his personal behavior. He is louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle. Boehner has already tried to buy the members with campaign contributions and committee assignments, which he has already promised to potentially difficult members. His hold is insecure. He is not Gingrich, the natural leader of a "revolution," riding the crest into power. He is careworn and threadbare, banal and hollow, holding nobody's enduring loyalty. Boehner is beholden and somewhat scared of his base. He twitches when they make gestures that might undermine his position. His impulse is to hand out money. His aim is to recreate DeLay, Inc, with Jerry Lewis, who will be the new chairman of Appropriations. But Boehner is neither feared nor loved. He's a would-be DeLay without the whip. He's the one at the end of the lash. Which means he will be under great pressure and find it hard to sustain a moderate, reasonable strategy of restraint."

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