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Thursday, October 1, 2015

I warn you, child... if I lose my temper, you lose your head!

I pictured to myself the Queen of Hearts as a sort of embodiment of ungovernable passion - a blind and aimless Fury. — Lewis Carroll, in "Alice on the Stage"
There is nothing in the world like bipolar rage. I feel electric with it today. This was not the time for one more man to do me sexual dirt. Grrrr.

I was in love with Pope Frankie. He lost me completely with the Kim Davis shit. Back to hating my church with a vengeance again. Some of us Catholics have gay family and friends. Thanks for nothing, Frankie.

You know how it is when you find your lover has feet of clay. I will recover. Much as I hate to send clicks to the NYT, read more HERE:
ROME — Pope Francis met privately in Washington last week with Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who defied a court order to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, adding a new element to an American tour that saw Francis attract huge crowds and articulate left-leaning positions on poverty, immigration, the environment and inequality. Vatican officials initially would not confirm that the meeting occurred, finally doing so on Wednesday afternoon, while refusing to discuss any details.
I found a new genius of an editorial cartoonist who also has a BLOG:

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