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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Getting Real Jiggy in Texas

I'm from Texas, and one of the reasons I like Texas is because there's no one in control. - Willie Nelson
By August 1 of next year, if you are a frugal college student attending a state school like the University of Texas, everybody is allowed to conceal carry a gun into your classroom and on campus.

They are posting signs and making slide shows to counsel the Faculty.

The Faculty is beside themselves and many are threatening to quit or strike. Daniel Hamermesh has already quit.
“Will I be the first of many?” Daniel Hamermesh told the Guardian. “No.
The reason I won’t be the first of many is for me it’s a pretty low-cost item. I’m 72, I have a very large pension and I have lots of alternatives. I’m fairly successful and economics is a good business. So it’s sort of cheap heroism. I’m a cheap hero. On the other hand it will cost the university and other universities in the state.
Because while people who are here are to some extent stuck, those who are thinking of coming here have alternatives. So I think the real thing is, it’s going to cost us either more money to recruit people or we’re just not going to get as good-quality people recruited to the faculty here; that’s where I think it’s going.”
If you are a rich kid and can go to private college, Baylor University for example, guns are/can be forbidden. All the private Texas schools have yet to make a decision to allow guns on campus and in classrooms. Most have opted for gun free campus. The state schools do not get a choice.

Nobody really knows for sure what the LAW means in its entirety. Everybody has to figure it out before August 1 of next year. Meanwhile...

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