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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Asshats on Parade - Does Prayer Work? Answer: Yes It Does.

Kali Durge Namo Namah
UPDATE: Scalia is dead. I only had to pray 3 years and some months from the original publication date..............

I am old. I have been in favor of Gay civil rights since I was 16. I had a serious conversation with the first Gay person I ever met. Some folks have children they love dearly who are Gay. I have family and friends who are Gay. 

I pray daily for Fat Tony Scalia's heart attack. I pray in Jesus name like the Nuns taught me. I pray fervently. But the Mofo does not die. 

I can't figure out why prayer is not working. Maybe I am praying to the wrong deity? Maybe Kali is the answer? I will try most anything legal.  Up your giggy, Fat Tony. Sideways.  And no KY for you. 

I warned you in the masthead that I was a trashmouth. The picture of Kali at the right comes from this interesting website. 

New Yorker Magazine:  A few months from now, when the Supreme Court hears arguments in the two same-sex marriage cases it accepted for review last Friday, many observers will likely be in Hosie’s position—listening with some amazement to Scalia as he berates lawyers, fascinated by his animosity, wondering about the point where a cruel note removes any enjoyment one might find in intellectual theatrics. There haven’t exactly been signs that Scalia is mellowing. His dissent, this year, in an Arizona immigration-law case, was as politicized and angry as ever—and gay-rights cases do not exactly bring out his soft side. For the health-care case, we had broccoli arguments; for same-sex marriage, we will likely be coming back to bestiality.
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