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Friday, September 23, 2016

Filth and Dirt

Disqus is an internet comment system I use on this blog.

Dear doG, I hate internet censorship with all my heart and soul. Disqus channels' robot censor suspends Charles Bukowski. A channel for poetry, He is unacceptable. I wonder if he will ever get out of PENDING. 

I tell you the truth, I cannot live in a world where Bukowski is unacceptable and I cannot use the word SLUT in a bit of doggerel. I wonder if I will ever get out of PENDING.

Here is my doggy silly transgression:
He's oozing all over me.
Fat right winger on a spree,
Peddling God for the GOP.

Calling me 'slut' for a fee,
To takeThe Pill from me,
Peddling shame and eternity.

Left FUX Snooze TV,
To run for the Presidency
An act of cupidity.

Just ignore the crucifix in the parlor.
Suckabuck sells Jesus for the dollar.
Here is what the great Bukowski is not allowed to say. And he is such a cute old guy. I think he was old when he was young. And he got younger when he got older.

Ultimately, when I think about it, I have been pretty unacceptable at times. When you are bipolar, you tend unacceptable. So take the grain of salt with the whining.

Back To The Machine Gun - Poem by Charles Bukowski

I awaken about noon and go out to get the mail
in my old torn bathrobe.
I'm hung over
hair down in my eyes
gingerly walking on the small sharp rocks
in my path
still afraid of pain behind my four-day beard.

the young housewife next door shakes a rug
out of her window and sees me:
"hello, Hank!"

god damn! it's almost like being shot in the ass
with a .22

"hello," I say
gathering up my Visa card bill, my Pennysaver coupons,
a Dept. of Water and Power past-due notice,
a letter from the mortgage people
plus a demand from the Weed Abatement Department
giving me 30 days to clean up my act.

I mince back again over the small sharp rocks
thinking, maybe I'd better write something tonight,
they all seem
to be closing in.

there's only one way to handle those motherfuckers.

the night harness races will have to wait.

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