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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Got a Flu Shot and What is Truth?

It tired me out that shot. I can I do nothing but have flan for breakfast. I like it when my day starts with a laugh and the joke has historical precedent.

Did your Mom fall for "Not my fault. It was Jimmy who made me do it. Honest, Mom, I did not want to."?
"No matter what is said up there (in Newark), I had no knowledge prior to or during these lane realignments," Christie said. "I had no role in authorizing it. I had no knowledge of it. And there has been no evidence ever put forward that I did." - Chris Christie
and an oldie but a goody.
In the presence of English Barons, Henry II—who is now utterly vexed by Becket's actions—cries out: Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest? Believing the King meant for Becket to be murdered, four knights ride to Canterbury Cathedral and kill Becket on December 29, 1170.
Murder of Thomas Becket - Awesome Stories
and a nothing with a tautology
The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. - John G. Roberts Jr.  
See what happened when the Roberts court did that and what I predicted here and what happened here. 
What is truth?...I am innocent of the blood of this just person; see ye to it. - Pontius Pilate
Evidently this is tradition. It is somebodys other than the real perpetrator who should take care of the mess. We take good care of and give money to the mass poisoner and ignore the poisoned with our taxes. The Big Mahoff never goes to jail. It is no longer a sane strategy to be law abiding in the USA.

Many times my smart commenters make remarks that are more informed and erudite than mine. Always worth reading the comments here below.

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