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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A Trump Tale #1

You never tipped money.
You had a bag of cocaine in your pocket.
You would lick your finger, stick it in the bag,
Stretch and reach over the Bar
And offer your finger covered with coke to the dancers.

I am not the only floozy who went SNORK
On that stubby cokefinger
And went home alone and laughing at you.

You never ever got laid
Cuz the bouncers kept you
But not your cokefinger far away from the pu^^y.

So when you ran out of coke and got itchy
Off into the night you lurched to grab rich girl pu^*y.
They had their own coke.

If the rich girls only knew. Heh.
Interesting that you are the locus of the most prolonged FUCK YOU
In Dempublican Repubocrat history.
You can say YOU LIE.
I can say YOU LIE.
Fake news. It is the new sriracha.

Copyright MdeAngelis.

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