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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weighing the Grocery and Soda Tax in Philly

UPDATE: Soda tax is tanking says Philly.com.

I oppose it. You are taxing the wrong folks. Tax the Corporate Suits, not the poor and middle class. 

Tax the sugary drink and snack makers who make beaucoup money and socialize the costs of doing business. Convenient and disposable? Their detritus is on every street corner for the people and the City to clean up. Got the courage to sue Nestle Coke Frito Lay etc., Mayor Kenney? It will make you famous. Come on, Dude. This is Filthydelphia. Let us lead on this. 

I am tired of cleaning up the chip bags and drink containers that flow downhill from Frankford Avenue and clog the sewers and filthy the sidewalks. It costs our City money to collect this garbage and dispose of it. Make the Corporate Persons pay their fair share.  

Pay attention. Reality is. These folks will tell you all about what is happening to our watersheds. It is not good. 

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