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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I am going to finish the play.

I just cannot work right now. I can fart around on twitter because it gives me instant gratification.

I was trucking - doing great after my fall. A doctor told me I could do better with a brace for my foot. I got the fucking brace. Wearing the brace put my back out. I had to go and get injections in my back for pain relief. I was also prescribed pain and anti anxiety meds.

Even if you take them as prescribed, meds tend to build up in your brain and body. I get to being unsteady on my feet. My back does not hurt so no more pain meds. But the other meds help me sleep. I am going cold turkey and I have been awake all night. Gaaaahhhhh! I hope to go to sleep soon. No pills for me.

The good news is - I walk to the bodega without my cane. I am back on the buses. Fired up. Ready to go.  Click the LOVE picture to get to Indivisible PHL.

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