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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I looked up PERVERSE.

I can be deliberately perverse. I am contrary, difficult, unreasonable, uncooperative, unhelpful, obstructive, disobliging, recalcitrant, stubborn, obstinate, obdurate, mulish, pigheaded, bullheaded and refractory like any other human being. I do not play well with others.

I prefer being cheerful and cooperative. I like the way it feels. And like all human beings, I can choose to be the Devil or the Angel me.

I think it is hysterical that the Trump administration DOJ has taken the position in Ohio that not voting regularly is going to void one's voter registration. Trump is obsessed with losing the popular vote.
The Trump administration redoubled its support on Monday for efforts to remove people from voter registration rolls, siding with the state of Ohio in a case that could allow states to cancel registrations for voters who fail to cast a ballot over the course of several elections. Read more...
Folks are perverse. Many people who never voted before or voted sporadically will now VOTE with all their might just to fuck the Trump administration. When folks vote in greater numbers, Democrats win. This Trump action is the same as loading up the old Glock and shooting yourself in the foot. Donald J Trump - deal maker extraordinaire.

And the Russians are reading me again. How odd. Leola B. Wilson and Coot Grant: Vocals.

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