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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Baby on the Loose with Music

My Mom always said "I hate a liar more than a thief." My Mom was smart. A thief steals your goods. A liar steals reality. 

LIEwandowski's argument: "But Mommy, Johnny did it too-oo and Johnny did it fir-irst." Would one accept such an argument from one's lover or child?
Bobby McGee Exactly. Every movement, every squack, every shriek from these stooges comes from infantile origins.

When disciplining Babies, the offense must be followed by the sanction ASAP. Babies do not reason well enough to understand action=consequences if offense is separated in time from sanction.

This guy should have been arrested by Capitol police on the floor for contempt of Congress and put in the cell(s?) for that purpose in the Capitol basement. Ignoring an insult emboldens Thugs. Doing nothing reinforces the idea that an aggressive defiant posture is good politics and indicates big mojo. "I kick you and I win! Wachoo gonna do now, Cuck?"
“Certain types of loudmouthism should be a capital offense among decent people.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
We need unity. Not tantrums. LIEwandowski is running for Senate. I think this is and will be the shortest run for Senate in our history. How will we know Baby Corey is not fibbing if we do not put him under oath every time he speaks? @@.

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