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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sharron Angle is a Hoot - UPDATE

UPDATE:  Sharron Angle, the GOP’s disastrous 2010 nominee, is back for another Senate campaign in Nevada. READ more... 

October 19, 2010

Sharron Angle (I call her Spangle because she sparkles so) is one of the most entertaining candidates running for public office. Every day she presents us with some new atrocity.  I am laughing myself silly. And buying lots of popcorn.

Spangle calls press conferences and then runs from the press.

Spangle is campaigning to do away with Social Security as we know it, just as the biggest population wave the USA ever experienced, the Baby Boomers, are getting ready to apply for the retirement funds they spent their entire lives paying into. Bad timing at the least.

Spangle thinks my sex life is her business and rapists should be able to choose the Mother of their babies the old fashioned Biblical way: If you rape her, she must marry you and/or bear your child.  As Big Ed would put it, it is Psycho Talk. Spangle smiles while she compares incest pregnancy to ... "lemons?" Huh?

I note lots of Folks asking if Spangle is stupid or crazy for taking these stances and smiling away while people gasp. Spangle seems not to hear the gasps or notice the dropped jaws.

Spangle is neither stupid nor crazy necessarily. I am a recovered addict. I can spot an addict easy. Spangle is making my High Alarm clang bigtime. Spangle looks and acts like a lady in my Quaker Meeting who is misusing (with the help of her physician daughter) Xanax. Same ever present big fat meaningless smile, same vacant wide eyed countenance, same lack of appropriate affect. Smiling and smiling.

 If it is yellow like a duck, quacks like a duck ... well, you know. Prescription drug misuse is common in America. It happens to the nicest people even, witness the lady from my Meeting. Nicest lady you could meet and she runs the First Day School. Smiling.

I could be wrong; I often am. Bigtime wrong. But in this case, I don't think so. We need to randomly and regularly drug test public employees, especially Congress. What is sauce for the working American must be sauce for our employees.


  1. Plum, I love your "Spangle" nickname for Ms. Angle, and it fits perfectly. As entertaining as she was during her campaign, however, I am very glad for all women in Nevada that she lost. Women who would force victims of rape who got pregnant to bear their rapist's baby, who would do away with Social Security and many things that people need just to survive, are dangerous to have in positions of power.

    To me, ultra-conservative women like Spangle, Sarah Palin and others represent a serious threat to the liberty of women nationwide. They claim to be "feminists" of some kind (WHAT kind I have no idea) but at the same time would take away many rights which women have fought so hard to obtain. That is why NO woman politician who calls herself a "conservative" will ever get my vote. I don't want to help any of them obtain political power, because I am certain they would abuse it once they got it.

  2. You speak for me, Ms. Ocean. I agree wholeheartedly. Especially your response to the C word (conservative).