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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sigheil Drumpkopf - UPDATE BELOW

The Artist is deaddog at Freaking News. Too funny.

We are in more danger from white supremacists than ISIS. They are the terrorists who live next door. And Drumpkopf is their leader.

This scares me bigtime. I know fascism can happen here and I suspect it is happening here. Our wars are making us poor and angry. The solution is not, it is never, jingoism and more war. That never has been a solution through the centuries although it does 'reduce the excess population.'


He who uses Tao to guide rulers
Does not force beneath-heaven with arms.
Such things recoil on their users.
Where armies are
Briars and brambles grow.
Bad harvests follow big wars.
Be firm and that is all:
Dare not rely on force
Be firm but not haughty,
Firm but not boastful,
Firm but not proud:
Firm when necessary,
Firm but non-violent.
Things that flourish
Fall into decay.
This is not-Tao,
And what is not-Tao soon ends.


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