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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Two Million Dollar Finger Rape - UPDATE

UPDATE: There has been another Traffic Stop Rape in New Mexico. Same noncertified drug dog and same medical center.

A routine traffic stop in New Mexico turned into a cavity search, three enemas and a colonoscopy for David Eckert. He sued and won 1.8 milliion and that is only one lawsuit. More to come.

Never talk to Cops. Never help them. Do whatever you can within the law to make their lives a living Hell before they get a chance to stick their fingers up your rectum.

Cops are the brownshirts of the 1%. How do I know? The SCOTUS says they have "no duty to protect" citizens. Protect me? I will be thrilled if they do not finger rape me for God, Country and the American way.

The War on Drugs is a War on Poor People. You think my response is over the top? Spend some time reading HERE and HERE and get back to me.