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Friday, January 31, 2014

Fetus Freaks and Gun Nuts Stalk Little Girls for Clicks and Giggles

You think this is going to be satire, right? Wrong.

A conservative group is pushing Cookie Cott 2014. They have a fancy logo and everything:

What is the Girl Scout's crime that engendered the cookie boycott? Here is a list of crimes and a policy statement they are working with:
Because Girl Scouts USA promotes, both directly and indirectly through other organizations, policies and behaviors clearly contradictory to the goals and purposes of Missouri Right to Life, Missouri Right to Life urges citizens to consider carefully whether to participate in Girl Scouts or support them in any way.
Now if you think "stalk" is too strong, you want to read THIS: 
For four consecutive Saturdays, protesters have come to Teabearies, which hosts parties for girls ages 3 to 12, carrying graphic pictures and placards reading, "Teabearies supports baby killers."
The connection? In addition to running Teabearies, a children's birthday party place in this southern Illinois town 40 miles east of St. Louis, Dudek runs the front desk and serves as an administrative assistant at Hope Clinic for Women in nearby Granite City, which performs abortions.
 "They were intimidating young girls with graphic posters of aborted fetuses and statements of murder, and they were utilizing the intimidation of these girls as a way to coerce the owner to quit her job at the clinic," said Mark Levy, Dudek's lawyer. 
During the hearing, one mother tearfully described taking her 7-year-old daughter for a birthday party at Teabearies on Jan. 19, when, according to Dudek, 17 protesters showed up and shouted at arriving tearoom customers. 
Gail Pickett of Highland had adopted the little girl last year; this was her first birthday party with her adoptive family. "She was scared; the pictures scared her," Pickett said. "And we had to usher her through the back door to her own birthday party." Pickett, a Girl Scout leader, said she has canceled her plans to take some scouts to Teabearies, where they can earn a badge on manners. "I cannot subject my Girl Scouts to this kind of thing," she said.
What this viral photograph proves to me is this: If gun nuts are stupid enough to think this is good publicity, they are too stupid to own guns. The lady gun nut in the photo and Fox News says it is all a misunderstanding. Her name is Kathy Perkins. Here is her organizations's facebook page. 

Look at the reflections in the windows of the other gun nuts standing guard in case the Girl Scouts get jiggly.

Like they say at JuanitaJean's: 
So the way I figure it, we liberals are under a sacred obligation to buy some Girl Scout Cookies! Oh hell, go wild, buy three or twenty boxes. Use them to feed your campaign block walkers at your local Democratic headquarters.
Find when and where you can buy Girl Scout Cookies in your neighborhood HERE.