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Saturday, August 6, 2016

FANghazi ! - Update

Skeletor rides again. I know PROGRESSIVES will whine now and call me looksist. Up their giggy. Implying Governor Rick Scott of Florida is a monster is right on point. See the article below. I think this would make a fabulous Halloween costume.

Better yet. Read the article in its entirety at the provided link. Then ask yourself:
Self - is this the kind of medical mind we want to have in charge of public health in the time of Ebola and antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis? And now Zika?
Essentially, Scott created a incurable virulent public disease vector to save money? So, how good is he on Zika? No good. Scott is offering Zika kits, we are told. Funny thing is, nobody knows where the kits are or how to get one.

I have been thinking and reading for awhile about this subject. If you feel like it, Cher Reader, kindly leave a comment and tell me what your Self thinks. I get lonely in the kitchen.

Despite a warning from the Centers for Disease Control, it's the latest move by the Florida governor to gut public services.

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