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Monday, August 29, 2016

Life is Good or Drunk Ramblings

I got a bottle of Stella Artois and some decent doob. I got the Monday night quiets. And that is good. It is cooling down a bit outside.

Huma and Hillary prove the law. When a husband acts like a manwhore and follows his dick, it always his wife's sin/fault/responsibility. I get married and his dick becomes mine. I do not ever want to be a dicksitter.

Walter brought me a copy of the Polish paper and the St. John Cantius festival is happening again. Maybe I can find some old Polish Eagle to jump on. And I need real Polish food like a drunkard needs his booze.

I will give more information about the festival, but at the moment I am trashed. And happy about it. And dancing my ass on out here in internetland.

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