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Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Gritty City Gets It Right - Update


Kathryn Knott, Dad, Bucks County Sued for $5 Million for “Retaliation” Over Anonymous Internet Comments
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Now send the Bucks County detectives after me, Knotts. I have bupkis and balls of steel. Will be a hoot to participate in a free speech mess. I am old. I got nothing to do but hang out. And I have a new screen name. See the comments.

Written February 9, ,2016

Kathryn Knott is going to jail for gay bashing. And she has been kicked out of the City of Philadelphia and cannot enter without a compelling reason to do so. 
God bless the Judge and Jury for keeping the Gayborhood safe for everybody. Philadelphia Magazine provides an archive of the whole affair.

Hugh E. Dillon's photographs of Brian Sim's protest in Love Park show you that in Philly, we really do take 'brotherly love' seriously. No bashing people just because you can.

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