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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Toilet Laws #4 - Some Sanity Enters the Scenario

Some sanity here from a Hispanic Republican. Good to see. We need more of this. More Hispanics in government and more sanity in Republicans.

I remember sane and dignified Republicans like Howard Baker and Margaret Chase Smith. Before LePage they were sane in Maine. Nice to be reminded that Republicans can be sane and intelligent. And bilingual. This woman is amazing. I can only repeat her sentiments in my second language. La famiglia รจ tutto

I am not far from the immigrant experience. My Grands emigrated from Italy. My Nonna never spoke English well. Many Americans are like me. We do not respond well to folks who trash immigrants. The KKK burned crosses in Italian neighborhoods when my Father was a toddler.

Art by Favianna Rodriguez. 

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