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Saturday, May 7, 2016

I love my Daughters

Luscious Lulu accompanied me to the yarn store, we tried on a million shoes and bought none. And then Margarita's. Good Mexican restaurant. Always crowded and noisy. I had Chiles Rellenos and a Corona.  I have done my physical therapy duty. It hurts good hurt. And I am hanging at home. 

Tomorrow Lizzie Borden is taking me to the garden store in her car so I can carry stuff I cannot carry on the bus. Life is good. Tomorrow it may not rain. I may see Sun. I am going to plant cilantro and basil for sure. Life is good.

Art from Sun Inspired Mandalas.

I decided I am going to stop reading or looking at or listening to anything about the election for my own mental health. Woosah.

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