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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Third Leading Cause of Death and Misery is Medical Mistakes

I am going to share some of Mike Evans writing today about a mutual concern.

I have been putting the task off because it means ferreting around in the feelings I had when I fell in my garden and got badly hurt. I experience ptsd when I go into my garden.

I am still going to grueling physical therapy twice a week. So trauma is still very fresh in my mind. I could not remember where I put whatever crap I wrote about falling and not receiving proper medical treatment. I am still feeling the results of concussion.

As I find stuff, I will add to this essayette. So Mike and you, Cher Reader, can read them. I might have put it under the label Torture. 

So this is what Mike Evans wrote. He spoke to my condition. You can contact Mike Evans directly with any feedback at:

Art by Favianna Rodriguez.

Philadelphia doctors accused of selling $5M in pills (6abc.com)
Editorial page
commentary by @6abcmember:disqus
posted Fri May 13th 2016

Sorry Jim. But the "ugly truth" and far greater crime behind this story is how the DEA's forcing our nation's doctors (thru intimidation and outright threats) to stop writing prescriptions for painkillers of any kind regardless of a patient's health circumstances and genuine medical need for them.

The untold truth is millions of patients every day are being given no alternative but to purchase whatever they can get off the black market or continue suffering in constant chronic pain. Isn't that a wonderful choice for lifelong decent law-abiding citizens to be forced into having to make?

Why don't you do some genuine investigative research and reporting into that unspoken part of this story rather than simply towing the all too familiar self-aggrandizing government line? "Oh, look at the wonderful deed we just accomplished today. Everyone paste a gold star upon our forehead and pat us on the back for a job well done!"

Our nation's DEA has turned into yet another rogue Draconian government agency that's become totally out of control and now biting the very hands which feed it. Please make a sincere effort to report the hidden truth behind this greatest portion of the overall story rather than parrot the latest stream of Orwellian newspeak oozing from the government pipeline.

The black market for painkillers exists solely because a genuine medical need for them exists. The DEA has artificially and intentionally created that situation to justify its own existence and self-perpetuation. Get off the backs of our medical professionals and let them do their jobs!

The DEA is wholly unqualified to make any such medical or judgement calls thus has no business inserting themselves into our lives as if they did. What PhD's do they hold ensuring they're the least bit qualified to make any medical decisions and judgement calls which profoundly affect our daily lives and physical well being? None, nada, zip!

Get in a serious car accident where you break several ribs and are struggling literally every passing second in agonizing pain with each breath you take as your rib cage expands and contracts worsening the already unbearable pain.

We'll see what you think about the need for any serious kick butt painkillers then. I've been thru that very scenario not just once but twice during the past decade so fully understand their purpose and need.

I've also been in a few car accidents and serious winter season falls which injured my spine and neck. Try sitting at your desk in front of a TV camera doing your job at the 6ABC studios under those difficult circumstances.

An Rx grade analgesic becomes absolutely necessary to reduce the pain level just sufficiently enough to make it thru your workday. I've also been thru that scenario well over a dozen times during the past 59 years. You'll be stunned to discover just how dramatically slower clocks run when under such physical duress.

Not many of us are as fortunate nor well off as you benefit and salary wise where we might have the luxury of taking a day or two off under such difficult circumstances. Many can't afford to take even a single day off without being unable to pay our grocery and other monthly bills.

Without the proper level of pain medication (such as Morphine) when medically necessary given severe injury or trauma a patient will quickly go into shock and die before anything can be done to reverse the situation.

Anyone who's ever served on the battlefield has witnessed and knows this cold hard reality. In fact, it's how most everyone will eventually die. The body lapses into a state of shock for one reason or another and completely shuts down organ by organ like a chain of dominoes in very short order.

Respectfully, Mike Adams

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